Over the years, geospatial technology has been making phenomenal impact on its usage in diverse fields related to natural resources management, sustainable development, disaster management, environmental applications and more recently in Good-governance and becoming an integral part of various key programmes of the Government of India. Developments in the space based communication, navigation & earth observation technology both at International as well national level have further accelerated its usage as well as increased the scope of its utilisation in almost all possible applications catering to the human needs, protection of the environment and in exploring the outer space. A large amount of Earth Observation data along with in-situ (spatial as well nonspatial data) is being generated, necessitating the need for advanced geospatial data processing tools and techniques to be developed. It is essential to develop tools and techniques for big data analytics (data cube, data mining) as the data volume is expected to increase further. Advances in Web GIS tools and techniques are also required for making timely dissemination of the value added products to various users and public at large. The Symposium shall focus on recent advancements made in the satellite payloads, data processing techniques, Web GIS, Mobile App., geospatial technology and applications in various key areas defined under different key programmes of the Government of India.

The Indian Society of Geomatics (ISG) and the Indian Society of Remote Sensing (ISRS), the two premier professional societies dedicated to promotion and dissemination of GIS & RS in India, conduct annual conventions and joint national symposiums in tandem providing excellent opportunities to the scientists, teachers and students for presenting their research findings, updating their knowledge base and interacting with experts and peers. Continuing this rich tradition, a national symposium on “Advancements in Geospatial Technology for Societal Benefits”, is being organized by ISG and ISRS in the city of Ahmedabad (Gujarat) during December 05-07, 2018 . This mega event is jointly hosted by Space Applications Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad, ISRS-AC and ISG-AC. Furthermore, ISG is completing 25 years marking the silver Jubilee Year Celebration for the Society and an enthusiastic participation is expected.

Shri Tapan Misra
Dr. C. P. Singh
Organizing Secretary

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